Womengineer Day

A networking event where fresh and coming graduates meet senior female engineers, to work towards a gender equal tech industry.

Womengineer Day 2023

As a celebration of diversity, innovation, and the growing landscape of artificial intelligence in engineering, Womengineer Day unfolded on November 23rd, 2023, in conjunction with Engineering Day in Stockholm. The event presented a unique platform for newly graduated female engineers to interact with more senior female engineers at leading engineering companies. The purpose of the event was to nuture meaningful connections, ignite sparks of AI inspiration, and once again, demostrate diversity as a driving force behind innovation.

WEdays in Numbers


fresh or soon-to-be graduates in attendance, from all fields of engineering.


companies joined efforts to make the engineering profession gender neutral.


out of 10, is the score participating companies have given WEday.

“We aim to attract the most talented female engineers out there.”

Participating Company, WEday 2022

“This has to be my favorite networking event I’ve been to up to date!”

Participant, WEday 2023

Participating Companies

We’re empowered by the incredible support of our Womengineer Day partners. A huge shout-out to the fantastic companies, your collaboration is what makes this possible!

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